IoT Analytics


Large amounts of data are exchanged in operational processes, transactions, via sensors and between IoT devices. But how can you use this data to create added value for your organization without being overwhelmed by the amount of data?


With our IoT Analytics Service based on advanced SAS technology, we help create business value from IoT data. By automating business processes and so saving costs, but also by further optimizing the functioning of processes and equipment and developing new business models with the results.

We analyze your IoT data in real time, regardless of the speed at which the data is processed, of how much data there is, and which sources the data originated from. Because the data does not need to be stored first, you can respond quickly and flexibly to patterns, exceptions and risks.

We return the results of our IoT Analytics Service to you in the form of data, a report or a combination of the two. You can use the analysis of process data to create a digital twin of a device, building or process. This gives you the tools to, for example, carry out preventive maintenance on your machines or develop completely new business models and services.

A major advantage of using our IoT Analytics Service is that you don’t have to configure and manage an IoT platform, but with the information and insights we obtain from your IoT data, you can directly improve the efficiency of your equipment and the effectiveness of your business operations.

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