Decision Management

By analyzing your data, we generate meaningful information and relevant insights. However, they only have added value if you can apply them to your business in a concrete way.

That is exactly what we do with our Decision Management Service; we make decisions data-driven and automate them based on business rules models. Using Decision Management, we integrate predictive analytics, business rules, analytical model management and data management in order to improve your decision-making.

With Notilyze’s Decision Management you can:

  • Take better and more accurate decisions
  • Take faster decisions
  • Make your decisions consistent, repeatable and measurable
  • Save on your resources
  • Optimize processes

Our Decision Management Service is based on our years of experience in operationalizing data in decisions, combined with proven SAS technology. It allows us to offer you a consistent framework to ** the most up-to-date information obtained from batch processes or real-time operation. It helps us to select the right analysis models. We also use it to define the business rules that determine the context for use in production.

In this way, you have a single common environment in which to authorize and roll out decisions. This simplifies the validation of the complete decision-making process and ensures version control, compliance and traceability. The decision logic can be clearly defined in a uniform manner and then applied to multiple processes.

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