Data quality

Whether you have structured, unstructured or streaming data, we will help you increase the quality of your data in order to generate reliable information.

In addition to volume, the quality of the data is crucial to the insights it can provide. Data quality means more than the absence of errors. In order to generate valuable insights, the data must also be accurate and uncorrupted.

With our Data Quality Service, where advanced SAS technology comes together with our in-depth knowledge of data quality, we can act at the location of the data and solve quality problems there without first having to move it.

By deduplicating and standardizing data, we ensure a single truth regarding the individuals and organizations in your systems. We support both traditional relational databases and big data-technologies like Hadoop.


Quality of data is the first step on the road to better decisions.

Assuring the quality of data calls for ongoing attention. We can help you trace and identify quality problems at any level quickly and simply and set up repeatable processes in order to implement data quality improvements.

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