Whether you want to get more value from your data in a generic sense or have a specific question or challenge, we will find you a solution that is suitable in every respect.


We offer end-to-end services on our Analytics Platform based on SAS technology. We will analyze your data and convert it into meaningful information which you can directly apply to your business operations in order to obtain new insights, optimize your processes and improve your services.

With our services, we solve common problems for our customers, mostly in the logistical and financial business fields. The solutions we offer include standardizing and deduplicating data, analyzing structured and unstructured data from various internal and external data sources and operationalizing analytics in the form of data-driven decisions.

We offer our solutions in a service model, standardized or customer-specific. A standardized service is a service which is already present on the Analytics Platform or which we have already developed at an earlier stage, based on best practices in your industry or experiences with similar firms. In the case of customer-specific services, we develop an algorithm which is entirely tailored to your situation.


We offer our services by means of

  1. An automated link via API
  2. A dedicated link to the customer’s system
  3. Data exchange by means of the special ‘connector kit’ designed for this purpose
  4. A dashboard that makes the results visible


You always pay only for the service you use – per algorithm, per analysis/call or on a monthly basis – and therefore only for the value we extract from your data.

Examples of standardized services we typically provide for our customers are data quality, decision management and IoT streaming analytics.

With Notilyze’s Data Analytics as a Service, you benefit from:

  • a high-quality data analytics platform in the cloud
  • smart algorithms for in-depth analyses
  • access to the expertise of data scientists
  • fast insight into data for better decisions
  • transparency in cost, thanks to a ‘pay-as-you-go model’

Our standardized services:

Advanced Analytics Platform
We analyze your data using our high-quality Analytics Platform based on SAS technology.

Analytics as a Service
Don't invest in your own software and people, but instead pay only for the analysis services you buy from us.

People who know what they are talking about
Our people have years of experience in operationalizing data analytics within companies.

Usable insights
The results of our high-quality and reliable analytics services give you the tools to achieve concrete improvements in your business operations right away.