Data Analytics as a Service


We offer Data Analytics as a Service. That means you do not have to make any investments in hardware, software and people. You pay only for the services you use from our platform.

In order to quickly and adequately analyze large volumes of data, we use our Analytics Platform, based on SAS technology, on which we have built our own services. In addition to extensive analytics services, with our platform you benefit from compliance, governance, security and scalability in accordance with the highest standards.

Our Analytics Platform supports the different stages of the analytics life-cycle, from data preparation and discovery through to master data management and operationalizing analyses. With our platform, we have an extensive set of resources at our disposal with which we can supply you with the best possible services. Because we offer ‘data analytics as a service’, we also make this high-quality software available to small and medium-sized businesses

Our partners



Our analytics platform is based on SAS technology. As part of this strategic partnership, we work together with the R&D department of SAS in order to improve the platform and ensure that our customers benefit from the latest functionality.

Alongside the partnership with SAS, we closely follow new developments at other companies working on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. We also monitor the growing popularity of open source technologies like Rapid Miner, R, Python and Tensorflow.



Security, stability and uptime are obviously mission-critical for our platform. That’s why we chose Amsio as our hosting partner. They comply with all the standards, assuring us of a reliable and safe platform for our customers.


Mendix & Ximedes

Because we supply complete end-to-end services to our customers, different end-user functionality may be needed than the standard analytics tools can offer. For this, we work closely with partners like Mendix and Ximedes who have a thorough command of Java and C++ in order to deliver the perfect service for our customers.