HAI and Notilyze develop innovative AI platform for the (food) industry

HAI and Notilyze have started developing an innovative software platform for the Food Industry. This platform collects big data of various links in the chain, from the farm to industrial processing in the food industry. Through the application of artificial intelligence (AI), this data provides important new insights. These insights help the various links in the chain to optimize their business processes and to guarantee food safety within the chain even better.


Notilyze in top 3 of the SAS Hackathon 2021

Trying to defend our title of the SAS Hackathon from last year, we finished this year in the top 3 in the Natural Language Processing category with our Notilyze chatbot. We are proud on our project and excited to develop our chatbots and extend its applications.


Notilyze strengthens organization with development team to operationalize analytics

Folkert ten Kate appointed as operational director

April 28, 2021Notilyze, provider of data-analytics-as-a-service, adds a complete new development team to their organization. In addition to the existing branch that focuses on data analytics, the new department will focus on the development of IT solutions and applications to better integrate and operationalize analytics. With this addition, Notilyze helps customers to be more flexible in using data and to get more out of their analytics solution.

Please read the full press release through the links provided below:

Press release – Dutch

Press release – English

Final video SAS Hackathon 2021

For the SAS Hackathon, Notilyze created a chatbot for camp managers of refugee camps to obtain information from our data and analytics in an accessible way and suitable for a low bandwidth. We used SAS Conversation Designer to create the chatbot.


Connecting SAS Conversation Designer to Telegram

For the SAS Hackathon, Notilyze created a chatbot for camp managers of refugee camps to obtain information from our data and analytics in an accessible way and suitable for a low bandwidth. We used SAS Conversation Designer to create the chatbot. To connect our chatbot to a suitable communication application, Christiaan created a custom integration using Python. Our chatbot is now connected to Telegram.

Read more on how we did this:


Notilyze participates in SAS Global Hackathon 2021

After winning the SAS EMEA Hackathon 2020, we are proud to announce Notilyze will be participating in the SAS Global Hackathon 2021!

Curious about our topic for the SAS Global Hackathon 2021? In this video we answer different questions related to our subject.


Notilyze open sources satellite image based refugee camp population estimation model

Together with Elva, Notilyze works on a project to estimate the number of refugees in refugee camps to more accurately estimate the number of necessary supplies in refugee camps. We made a model to extract information from satellite images to help estimating the number of refugees in refugee camps in Nigeria. This project helps to improve the position of refugees. Therefore we open sourced the code of Paul for this model through Github.

During his thesis, our colleague Paul combined three existing Github projects to come to a complete project that includes

  1. image preprocessing
  2. training of a Faster R-CNN model (object detection model, read more)
  3. evaluation of the results using a mean Average Precision score.

Check it out: https://github.com/Notilyze/Faster-R-CNN-Object-Detection

Notilyze in SAS Open D[N]A Café

On Tuesday, January 14 2021, our Co-Founders Colin Nugteren and Tom Dogger are special guests in the first SAS Open D[N]A Café of 2021. We will discuss our experience in last year’s SAS EMEA Hackathon, which our Notilyze team won.


Register at the DNA Lab website, and join us on January 14, 4.30 pm CET!


About D[N]A Lab

SAS D[N]A Lab service as an, open innovation platform for companies, start-ups and scale-ups with a positive impact on society. It supports projects in healthcare, academics, agrifood, nutrition, sports and climate change related domains; helping innovations to become ‘enterprise-worthy’ and ‘scalable-ready’.

A solid platform supporting your business is often not the first priority in scaling your business. While focusing on scaling-up your business, D[N]A Lab helps in provisioning a robust data & analytics platform. Your Data & Analytics is our DNA.

Notilyze nominated for the 2020 Computable Awards

We are proud to have been nominated for the 2020 Computable Awards, in the category Services!


The Computable Awards are the most important ICT awards in the Netherlands. This year’s Computable Awards marks the fifteenth time in a row where the audience, together with a professional jury, will determine which projects, providers and people deserve these prizes.


An independent jury has selected a list of nominees for each award category. Everyone can vote once per category from August 31 to November 1 2020. Computable will present the winner of each category on November 24 2020. The public vote counts for 50% in the final result, the professional jury determines the remaining 50%.


Help Notilyze win by voting here: https://awards.computable.nl/stem/