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About Notilyze

Notilyze focuses on Data Analytics as a Service and applies knowledge of Econometrics, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence and Optimization to solve everyday problems for organizations.

Notilyze Analytics Platform

We are building the Notilyze Analytics Platform where companies can subscribe to Analytics Services.

Analytics is a rapidly changing and growing field, and the amount of (open source) tools is growing every day. Many organizations lack the resources and time to fully take advantage of the power of analytics even though they have gathered large amounts of data. With the Notilyze Analytics Platform, organizations will be able to use analytics in a pay-as-you-go or subscription based model.

Notilyze will provide standardized services in a similar way as a credit rating service which is common in finance. Research and development for applications in marketing optimization, IoT connected devices, predictive maintenance, cashflow forecasting, text analytics and smart healthcare started and next to that custom applications can be built for clients.


Tom DoggerĀ 

Tom likes to solve mathematical puzzles in everyday situations. From mobility and transport, to agenda scheduling, to use of energy and resources. Once confronted with a puzzle, Tom is adamant to fix and improve situations with innovative IT solutions. Tom has a background in econometrics and operations research and extensive experience in data analytics and consultancy. Once new data solutions are implemented, he is able to clearly inform and train the customer to take over from there. He deems it important that the customer understands the solution, is able to work with it autonomously, and to make sure that it is embedded in new organizational routines. Together with Colin, he founded Notilyze to provide data science as a service so also small- and medium enterprises can profit from data analytics and IT services.

Colin NugterenĀ 

Colin is fascinated by data, analytics and visualizations showing hidden insights. During his econometrics study in Rotterdam he wondered why such powerful algorithms are only used by the happy few, leading towards his first startup. After meeting the founder of DirectPay he joined him in building the best possible factoring and collections company applying analytics and IT in every part of the business, becoming one of the first Chief Analytics Officers in the Netherlands. Travelling the world giving presentations on applying analytics, data science and specialized digital robots in day-to-day operations led to the idea for Notilyze. Notilyze solves the problems many companies face in monetizing their data by providing data science services in real-time on a pay-per-use basis.