How we work


We believe data analytics only has value if it helps companies and organizations become more successful. So we like to enter into a dialogue to see where your challenge lies or where you can secure improvements with data analytics. Whether you want to do more with your sales and marketing data, improve your services to customers, carry out preventive maintenance on your machines or bring new services onto the market, your challenge is our starting point.


Data quality

In order to deliver a solution that really works for your organization, it is important to first get a good picture of what data is available. For this reason, we always first do a quick scan in order to see which data sources there already are and what the quality of the data is. Based on that, we look into what the options are.



Using our data analytics platform based on SAS technology, we can then get to work quickly and effectively – by means of standard services which are already available on our platform or by developing a customer-specific algorithm for you. In this way, we make sure that we deliver a result in the form of a service tailored to your organization in every respect.

The benefits of Notilyze’s data analytics as a service in a nutshell:

  • Access to an advanced data analytics platform based on SAS technology
  • The most suitable solution, quickly and cost-effectively
  • Work with specialists
  • Transparent pricing, so no unpleasant surprises
  • Do business based on information and insights