Colin Nugteren

Colin is the first Chief Analytics Officer in the Netherlands. He has a strong fascination with data, analytics and visualizations that help make hidden patterns visible. While studying econometrics, he was surprised by the fact that the powerful algorithms were only available to the really big companies. It provided the motivation for his first startup. By applying analytics in IT in every part of the organization, it would become the best company in the field of payments and collection transactions. Colin travels all over the world to deliver presentations about analytics, data science and specialized robots that help improve operational processes.



Tom Dogger

Tom Dogger is the co-founder of Notilyze. His aim is to offer data analytics as a service to companies regardless of their size or the industry in which they operate. Tom has a background in econometrics and operations research and has extensive experience in applying data analytics in various industries, from mobility and transport to the energy sector. For Tom, a solution is only complete when the customer fully understands the solution, is able to work with it independently and it is embedded within the processes and routines of the organization.


Our team consists of a team of experienced data scientists, young talent and a flexible non-core team of specialists. They all have in-depth knowledge of and extensive experience with applying data analytics in organizations in a wide range of industries. They will help you become a more data-driven and successful organization.