Data Analytics as a Service

Process optimization and business innovation with data analytics as a service.

With Data Analytics as a Service from Notilyze you benefit from:

Advanced Analytics Platform

We analyze your data using our high-quality Analytics Platform based on SAS technology.

Analytics as a Service

Don’t invest in your own software and people, but instead pay only for the analysis services you buy from us.

People who know what they are talking about

Our people have years of experience in operationalizing data analytics within companies.

Usable insights

The results of our high-quality and reliable analytics services give you the tools to achieve concrete improvements in your business operations right away.

What we do

You have collected data and you want to extract value from it, to automate and optimize your business processes, save costs, provide better services or create new business models.

We can help you do that! By analyzing your data, we create meaningful information, enabling you to take better operational and strategic decisions. However, information only has added value if you can actually apply it to your business in a concrete way. So, we also translate the information and insights generated into concrete improvements in your business operations, in the form of automated data-driven decisions and actions.

By offering analytics as a service, we put into practice what we at Notilyze believe in; bringing state-of-the-art data analytics within reach of every department and every company, regardless of size or industry, in order to help them take the step towards becoming a more data-driven and successful organization

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